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The Modern Quilt Guild


Pattern Errata for current & past Green Bee Patterns


Modern Baby Set

The small portion of the first print run:

Pieces 11 and 12 should say Cut 1 On Fold, not Cut 2.


Anya Blouse/Tunic

The seam allowance at step 8 is 3/8" NOT 1/2". Here is a pattern correction you can download and print.

Click Here to Download


Iris Dress

On Page 1 Instructions:

Where Instructions say "STEPS 5-6 FOR UNLINED DRESS/SHIRT ONLY...SKIP AHEAD TO STEP 7" it should read "SKIP AHEAD TO STEP 8"

So sorry for any inconvenience. If you would like a sticker for your pattern sheet with the correction just shoot us an e-mail using the "send me a note" button above.



Amelia Dress

More of an FYI than errata this first note is just to let you know this pattern runs a little small because it has a very fitted waist. If you run towards the larger waist measurements given for your size you may want to leave out the back darts in the bodice and gather the back skirt pieces less when attaching to the waist.


The first printing of the instructions has an illustration and step that is incorrect.

Here is the illustration correction. To print the image right click on the image and select view image, then selet print from the file menu.

The step correction applies to Step 3. At the end of the step it should read, "Repeat with remaining front bodice and both back bodice pieces."

The first printing of the pattern sheet is missing pocket marks on the back skirt pieces, please trace from front skirt placement.



Ship Shape Tote

A very small quantity of the first run of patterns have an error in the Cutting Instructions View B-

Under "Piece 2 - cut 2 From Each Outer Bag Fabric for pattern piece" it should also list "cut 4 from Bag Bottom Fabric"

On pattern template Piece 2 it should also list: "View B cut 4 from Bag Bottom Fabric"

This has been corrected on further patterns. So sorry for the inconvenience! To receieve a new copy or stickers for your current copy please click on the "send me a note" button above and e-mail me your request and mailing address.

On page one of instructions step 10 cutting square out of lower corners illustration reads "1 1/4"" and should rather read, "2 3/4""